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Welcome to communityorganizing DOT INFO. Let's work together to share our knowledge & experiences in community organizing and fund raising. 


As Rush Limbaugh once said “Obama was a community organizer, whatever that is.” That IS what it is. Confuse like hell the powers that be and give power to the people that don’t have much power. That can be any audience who have dealt with the issues that affect poor people and any group who are getting screwed by the establishment.

You can't tell an organizer how to organize any more than you can tell a coal miner with a pick axe or a farmer with a hoe how to mine or farm. You simply tell them to dig a hole in the ground and see what happens. That is obviously not the "hole" story. You need to look around to find examples of organizations and training programs and evaluate them in their current context. The most important evaluation tool is your gut-level instinct. This is a time where your education is not very helpful.


There are no cookbook recipes or cookie cutter short cuts for organizing; Only good old fashioned experience.

 Here are what I believe are the primary tenets of community organizing:

  1.      Fire in the belly
  2.      Be humble. Lead from Behind.
  3.      Learn before you teach
  4.      Be funny
  5.      Get the job done

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Located on Chicago's South Side
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